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your trusted online taxi hiring service with a commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences. We are thrilled to announce our latest offering – thoughtfully crafted tour packages that encompass the cost of food, accommodation, and travel expenses. As our valued clients, you have the freedom to choose from a myriad of tourist destinations across India.


Explore our website, https://www.ajmertaxi.com, where you'll find a comprehensive list of spots, including iconic locations in Jaipur, Udaipur, and throughout Rajasthan. Our team, led by Mr. Pintu, the secretary of AJMER TAXI Pushkar Car Driver’s Welfare Society, is in active discussions with esteemed hotels in these major tourist destinations to ensure your stay is as comfortable as your journey.


'Ajmer Taxi' was established by traditional cab operators, uniting against the dominance of corporate app-based taxi services like Uber and Ola. Our welfare society comprises experienced senior drivers with over 30 years of expertise, ensuring your ride is not only efficient but also smooth and comfortable.


Choose from our diverse fleet of vehicles, with four varying models available. AJMER TAXI boasts a drivers' union with over 50 dedicated members, of which approximately 50 drivers are actively engaged through our online portal. Currently, our portal handles up to 25 services daily, with a majority serving the city's local transportation needs.


At AJMER TAXI, we believe in delivering a friendly and efficient travel experience. Our dedicated team of professionals, including tour planners, designers, organizers, and guides, works tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction. As you explore Rajasthan's rich culture and heritage, our team is your dependable partner, understanding your requirements and providing a seamless travel solution.


Whether you are planning a large group excursion or a solo weekend getaway, AJMER TAXI is committed to offering personalized attention and professional services from planning to the execution of your Rajasthan tour. Your journey with us is not just a trip; it's an authentic and memorable holiday experience. We look forward to welcoming you on board AJMER TAXI for a remarkable travel adventure.

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