July 12, 2018


Herebelow is the Chart for Cab hire rates in Ajmer

Vechile TypeLocal RateInclusionsHours LimitOutstation Per KmsNight Allowance
Indigo/Dzire2000Ac vechile10Hrs9.0 Rs. Ac250
Tavera2500Ac vechile10Hours11.0 Rs. Ac250
Innova3000Ac vechile10Hours12.5 Rs. Ac250
Tempo Travel4500Ac vechile10Hours18.5 Rs. Ac350
Mini Bus 15Seat5500Ac vechile10Hours20.0 Rs. Ac350
Mini Bus 21Seat6500Ac vechile10Hours22.5 Rs. Ac350
Bus 35Seater8000Ac vechile10Hours31.5 Rs. Ac350
Bus 41Seater10500Ac vechile10Hours38.5 Rs. Ac350
Bus 52Seater12500Non Ac10Hours40.5 Rs. Ac350

Tempo travel hire rates in Ajmer for outstation

Vechile TypeLocal RateInclusionsHours LimitOutstation Per KmsNight Allowance
Tempo 12Seater4500Ac vechile10Hrs16.5 Rs. Ac300
Tempo 15Seater5000Ac vechile10Hours19.5 Rs. Ac300
Tempo 17Seater6000Ac vechile10Hours21.5 Rs. Ac300

Bus hire rates in Ajmer for local and Outsation purpose

Vechile TypeLocal Rate 8Hrs DutyAjmer pushkar one wayOutstation RatesNight ChargesKms Limit For local
Mini Coach 15 Seater5500250019.5Rs/Km30080
Mini Coach 21 Seater5500250021.5Rs/Km30080
Mini Coach 27 Seater6500300024.5Rs/Km30080
Bus 35 Seat7500300027.5Rs/Km30080
Bus 41 Seat8500400029.5Rs/Km30080
Bus 45 Seat9700450031.5Rs/Km32rs AC80
Bus 52 Seater12500550033.5Rs/Km38rs AC80

Note:- This Rate Is Not Applicable in Peak Season and updated time. Toll & Parking Extra, Terms & Conditions Apply